We are professionals

DTACS is operated by experienced professional criminal and civil investigators, people with a disability and those with knowledge of the problems of those travelling with a disability.

We want to reassure you that helping you with your complaint is our number one priority. Your complaint will be taken seriously. It will not just be a complaint you will never hear about again. If there is not enough evidence to take formal action, or you do not want to pursue a case, then we can still use your report to show:

  • There are still lots of problems with accessibility to transport
  • When and where the problems happen
  • Who we need to speak with to prevent the problems happening to others

This service is here for all disabled people who want to travel without facing access issues. DTACS was created to make it easy for disabled people to complain and to make sure you can complain without any confrontation with a driver, company or service provider.

Online Training

DTACS can also help you to learn how to deal with these issues more effectively through our online training courses.

We offer two main types of training:

  1. Training for people to know how to gather basic evidence and how to make a complaint.
  2. Training for people who want to become professional investigators in their own area, helping people in their community to gather evidence and make successful complaints.
Image shows person who is visually impaired with guide dog representing disabled access problems.

More about our services

Who can use this service?

We want to hear the accessibility problem you or anyone you know have encountered while using any of these types of transport:

  • Taxi
  • Minicab
  • Bus
  • Community Transport (Dial–a-ride etc)

Problems can be physical, attitudinal or communicational.

What do you have to do?

Click the button below to report a problem.

Don’t worry if you only have a small amount of information – just a few simple facts like the date, time and journey route could be enough to track down an offender.

What do we cover?

We cover all problems that reduce access to transport.

This is not just physical access. This can be access issues that are caused by concerns with your safety or the way you are treated or spoken to.

If you have been the victim of a hate crime or have witnessed a hate crime against a person with a disability when using the types of transport listed we want to hear from you.

DTACS is committed to reducing all instances of crime, including hate crime committed against disabled people when using public or private transport systems.