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New Legal Support for Transport Discrimination Cases

New Legal Support for Transport Discrimination Cases

The recent announcement by the Equality and Human Rights Commission of new legal support project to fund support of transport access cases is excellent news.


DTACS was founded to provide exactly this type of support to people facing discrimination in accessing transport – in our case, taxis, minicabs and buses. The news that the Commission will also support cases focussed on transport problems is a huge boost to the many people who regularly face discrimination when trying to access all types of transport services. For many people, the cost of legal action is unaffordable and any project that aims to ease the burden that individuals are having to carry is great news.


DTACS free advice service can help guide people in whether or not to take further action in cases of discrimination or poor service. We can help in gathering evidence of discrimination. Our expert knowledge of taxi, private hire and bus law means we can often suggest extra and alternative ways of making sure your complaint is taken seriously by the relevant authority.


If you have been the victim of discrimination it is sometimes the case that other criminal offences may have been committed. In the case of criminal offences it is the relevant authority (for example, the police, the local council, the health and safety executive) who will investigate further. If there is evidence of a crime, they can take enforcement action against the offender. This means you get the support and backing to take your case further. We understand that reporting to these authorities can be difficult and we are here to help if needed.


You can find more information on the legal support project by going the Equality and Human Rights Commission website or by clicking on the link here.


In related news, the Equality and Human Rights Commission project is being supported by a number of organisations, including Fry Law, a specialist equality and human rights law firm. Fry law have a project open at the moment which offers people the chance to use cameras to record the access issues they face. To find out more or to register interest in using one of the cameras click on the link here.

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